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Sean Kinsella Developments Ltd. are a local business, based near Gorey, Co Wexford. We have over 40 years’ experience in the business, specialising in all aspects of groundworks and sewage upgrades

Sean Kinsella
Head of Products

Recycling Yard Location
Banntown ,Huntingtown, Gorey, Wexford

Mobile: 087 2599870

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Sean Kinsella Developments Ltd.

Our recycling services include


Construction & Demolition materials is basically the debris and rubble that accumulates on site during construction. This can come from any type of construction site, from buildings, to infrastructure. C & D Materials can be any size, from lumps of concrete to metal and glass, even timber.

By reducing down on this waste, we can help contribute towards a better environment. This not only cuts down on waste that goes into landfills, but also allows us to recycle even more. This in turn helps to create new jobs and lower building costs.

By recycling even more we can help cut down on the manufacture of building materials, by using what we already have.

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