Everything You Wanted to Know About Concrete Recycling

In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to recycle. In particular, the construction industry has a responsibility to invest in sustainability. It’s been suggested that as much as 30% of the materials delivered to a building site end up in a landfill. One of the best and simplest ways to offset this construction waste is to hire a concrete recycling company. As a long-established concrete recycling Wicklow Company, Sean Kinsella Developments Ltd. has helped hundreds of contractors responsibly dispose of excessive concrete waste.
Are you wondering if concrete recycling is right for your site? In this blog, we're committed to answering some of the more common questions surrounding concrete recycling.


What is recycled concrete used for?

The most common use for recycled concrete is in the creation of aggregate. Concrete is crushed into small fine stones making it suitable to be remade into fresh concrete or mortar. For the convenience of our clients, we offer a full waste concrete collection service.


Why should concrete be recycled?

Even without considering the obvious environmental considerations for recycling concrete, concrete recycling is a cost-effective method of disposing of waste concrete. After a road or building demolition, a contractor can be left with 100s of pounds of waste concrete. Concrete recycling is an effective and cost-efficient method of disposing waste material.


What are the advantages of using aggregate recycled concrete over natural stone?

When a site uses recycled concrete, fewer raw materials are required, meaning more gravel resources can be preserved. Also depending on where the recycled concrete is coming from, less transportation may be required.


Will Recycled Concrete Continue to be Used in Buildings?

Yes, recycled concrete will continue to be used as a viable alternative to stone in aggregate. Not only does recycled concrete eliminate the need for the mining of stone it’s also a cost-effective method of removing excess concrete waste from a site.

If your site could do with getting rid of excess concrete, get in contact with Sean Kinsella Developments Ltd. today or see our Concrete Recycling Page. 


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